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Creating positive change from within

At the Dennison Training Academy, we are passionate about people's health and wellbeing. We have designed our suite of Mental Health Courses to equip learners with an awareness of mental health, and with the knowledge and skills to work with individuals with mental health problems.


All of our in-person and distance learning First Aid Mental Health Courses offer regulated and accredited qualifications through Qualifications Network UK (QNUK.) 

We collaborate with a range of Employers and Organisations to build resilience and achieve mental and physical wellbeing.


Louise Dennison O'Shaughnessy
Founder & Principal


Advanced Mental Health Instructor, First Aid Instructor, Registered EMT, Dip.Training and Development IITD,

BSc, P.G Dip (Business & Management)

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Louise is the Founder and Principal of The Dennison Training Academy and has a passion for teaching and a natural empathy with people. She is an advocate for mindfulness and wellbeing and is instilled with a sense of purpose to share these enthusiasms with others.

As a qualified Advanced Mental Health Instructor and Registered EMT, Louise has significant experience working with individuals and companies to assess and deliver their training requirements. Her experience and personal alertness means that she is aware of the many aspects that impact working life in areas such as productivity, health and safety, relationships, work-life balance, attendance, and workplace satisfaction - and increasingly, the risk of anxiety and burnout brought on by remote working.

Louise enjoys working with groups to instill a sense of enjoyment in the learning process - focusing on increasing people’s knowledge around mental health. She actively creates awareness of attitudes towards people with mental health difficulties while, at the same time, looking to improve participants' own psychological wellbeing.

In her free time, Louise practices mindfulness and pilates daily. She has also been known to get involved in some extreme adventure activities - counting sky-diving, paragliding, and mountain-climbing among some of her most enjoyable experiences. 

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